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Camp Rules

  1. Parents are responsible for their children's whereabouts and actions at all times.
  2. No sticks or rocks in the hands.
  3. No throwing anything within the campsite (balls, rocks, sticks, etc.) - walk across to the field to play catch
  4. Only designated pack fires allowed which will be manned at all times by a fire chief.
  5. No sitting or standing within 10 feet of the fire ring.
  6. Only adults put sticks/wood on the fire.
  7. NO ALCOHOL is allowed at any Cub Scout activity. Noncompliance of this rule could get our Pack banned from the facility.
  8. Quiet time is 10:00 pm - 7:00 am. (No cars loading/unloading, etc.).
  9. In order to carry a knife, you MUST have your "Whittling Chip" in your possession.
In preparation for an activity, the whistle is blown for the pack to fall-in. Fall-in means that all come together at the flagpole and line up by den behind your den leader or other designated adult in that den. Both children and adults fall-in every time.

Please review these camp rules with your children prior to arrival at camp. Encourage scout behavior to avoid tears and accidents, so we have a fun adventure for all.