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Pack 135 Handbook

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Cub Scouting
  3. History and Orientation
  4. Your Role as a Parent
  5. Fees
  6. Uniforms
  7. Fund Raising
  8. Levels of Scouting
  9. Tracking Progress with ScoutTrack
  10. Organization
  11. Special Events


Cub Scout Pack 135, Christ United Methodist Church, Roswell, GA, welcomes you to cub scouting! This information will provide a reference to the organization of our pack, key information concerning the Cub Scout program, and useful information to help you, the cub scout parent, better understand the goals of scouting.

What is Cub Scouting

The Cub Scout program of the Boy Scouts of America has the following major goals:
  • Influence the development of character and encouraging spiritual growth
  • Develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship
  • Encourage good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body
  • Improve understanding within the family
  • Strengthen the ability to get along with other boys and respect other people
  • Foster a sense of personal achievement by developing new interest and skills
  • Show how to be helpful and do one's best
  • Provide fun and exciting new things to do
  • Prepare them to become Boy Scouts
How does the Cub Scout program help the boys reach these goals? Each level of Cub Scouting has different achievements outlined for the boys to do. Each level encompasses many different areas of interest and ability so each boy has a chance to achieve the necessary goals for each level. These achievements are also designed to help the boys try new ideas and experiences.

The den leader and parent are responsible for helping each boy complete the requirements at each level. This can be done through den meetings, pack meetings, camping and other activities where the boys can meet and experience many different activities to reach these goals. This takes planning and some creative, constructive planning on the part of the den leader. There are many resources available to the leaders to help them with these goals.

History and Orientation

The Cub Scout program was initially developed in England by Lord Baden-Powell in the early 1900's. The program was brought over to America and has evolved into its present day form, which is composed of the Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos levels. Today's scouts enjoy a wealth of opportunities provided by a dedicated network of volunteers and leaders. We are fortunate in the Atlanta Council and Chattahoochee District to also have a large base of year round activities and camping adventures to provide our scouts with many opportunities to complete their achievements and have fun!

The Cub Scout program is coordinated with each school year with start up activities beginning in August and meetings scheduled around the boy's schedule in school. Usually, Den meetings and Pack meetings are held after school hours in the early evening. Dens can meet in classroom space provided by Christ UMC or they may elect in another facility. There are usually one or two den meetings a month and a monthly pack meeting, which includes all the boys and their leaders at the church.

Achievements and recognition are a large part of the Cub Scout program. Each level of scouting has a handbook, which provides directions concerning the steps needed to complete each achievement badge. Den meetings include activities that help the scouts complete the achievements and/or arrow points activities needed to earn badges. However, there
are also activities in the handbook that must be completed at home with the Scouts family. It is important that each activity the scout completes is recorded, dated, and signed by both parent and Den Leader. Pack 135 uses an Internet based achievement tracking system called "ScoutTrack".

Ranks and other badges are awarded at the monthly pack meeting.

What is My Role as a Cub Scout Parent?

Cub Scouting is a family affair. It does require a commitment from parents to provide transportation to den and pack meetings. In addition, a parent must usually accompany the younger cub scouts on camping adventures as well as help chaperone field trip outings.

The Cub Scout Organization is composed of Volunteer Parents who help at various levels of the Pack. Parents are encouraged to consider volunteering at a special level in the pack, either by filling a vacancy in the Committee, becoming a Den Leader, Cubmaster, Assistant Den Leader, or Assistant Cubmaster, Special events Coordinator, etc. However, it is not mandatory for a parent to volunteer in order for their boy to participate in scouting!

Leadership training is provided at reduced or not cost to develop the volunteer parent for his/her duties in the pack. We are very fortunate at Christ UMC to have had an established leadership support network that has provided invaluable assistance to our new volunteers at various levels within the pack. There is a wealth of support available not only at our Pack Level, but at the Chattahoochee District Level as well. Pack level activities are addressed at the monthly committee meeting help at Christ UMC. District level support is provided at the monthly Roundtable meeting held at Roswell First Baptist Church on Mimosa in historic Roswell.


There is an annual re-charter fee collected for each boy in scouting. The proceeds from the re-charter fee provide much of the operating budget for the pack. The fee is $75 per scout. Additional siblings are $50.


In addition to the re-charter fee, a uniform must be purchased. Pack 135 has two uniforms: Class A and Class B uniform.

Class A uniform requires:
  1. Blue Cub Scout Shirt
  2. Neckerchief and slide
  3. Belt
  4. Appropriate patches
The Class B uniform is our red pack 135 t-shirt. This is provided by the pack for all registered cub scouts and registered parents.

Fund Raising

In addition to the annual re-charter fee, Pack 135 sponsors a yearly sales drive. Past sales drives have included popcorn and pasta. This is the only funding raising event the Pack conducts!

Proceeds from the annual sales drive provide Pack 135 funds to operate the pack for the entire year and to help pay for special purchases like camping equipment, etc. For example, the Pack recently purchased a large trailer to store and transport camping equipment. Scouts can either participate in door-to-door sales drives and/or Show-and-Sell events.

The boys are rewarded for each level achieved in sales. The sales events are an easy, fun way for the scouts to earn extra dollars for the pack!

Levels of Cub Scouts

 Rank School Grade


Entry Level


First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade

Webelos I
 Webelos II

Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Tracking your Scouts Progress: ScoutTrack!

ScoutTrack is a Web based tool for tracking and communicating Pack 135 activities. Each parent will receive log-in credentials when the Cub Scouts registration is completed. The Web Address is:
ScoutTrack provides the following:
  • Calendar of Events
    • Pack 135 events
    • Chattahoochee District events
    • Most Den Activities
  • Track your Scouts Progress
    • Parents and Den leaders can update progress towards an achievement or rank
    • Review what's needed to complete an award
  • Contact information for all Pack leaders
  • E-mail process to broadcast email to groups of scouting participants
  • Tracking of adult leader training
  • And others


Special Events

Pack 135 is a very active Cub Scout pack. We perform service activities for the community, we participate in Roswell area events, and we go camping several times a year where are family members are invited and encouraged to join and participate.

Additionally, there are special events that occur during the year:
    • Pinewood Derby is an annual event where the scouts design and build a racecar from a kit. The derby cars are raced competitively on a specialized track where precise timings and statistics are recorded. Awards and trophies are presented to the winners of various categories.
    • Blue and Gold Banquet - Annual Pack 135 dinner and entertainment event to showcase the achievements of the Scouts.
    • Cub-O-Ree annual district level event - field day activities for scouts held in the fall.
    • District Summer Camp
      • Day Camp
      • Twilight Camp
      • Webelos Encampment
    • Family Camping
    • Field Trips and Tiger Go-See-Its