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New Parent FAQ

Many Cub Scouting activities are for the boys, parents, and siblings all to enjoy together. Scouting provides a great opportunity for the whole family to bond and build great memories.
  • Big Outing -- this is usually one of the "bigger" trips of the year.  We typically have a rotation of a handful of events so that there is something new each year.  Some of the exciting places we have been to (and many slept in) are:
    • U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL
    • USS Yorktown at Patriots Point in Charleston, SC
    • McWayne Science Center & Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, AL
    • Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN
    • Okefenokee Swamp in Folkston, GA
  • Camping -- We typically participate in at least 3 camping trips a year.  Some are at B.S.A established and owned facilities, and others are at GA State Parks or private facilities.  All will have flush toilets and running water.  Don't worry if you have never gone camping, we'll help make it an easy and a great experience.
  • Local Activities -- We get to do many things with scouting that you might not get to do as a family:  Get a behind the scenes tour of a bank, a police station, fire department, or T.V. News Station.  Go on local hikes and see neat things all in areas you may have not known even existed.

Why are there two websites and which should I use?

We have two web sites, and both are very helpful to the pack. They both require a username and password to login, and that information is different for each.
This is a commercial service to which we subscribe. Every Scout family will have their own personalized login to this system, so that it can display information that is specific to your Scout.
It provides three basic services:
  1. Calendar This is the one official place to lookup date, times, and descriptions of all up-coming events. This lists Pack activities and your specific Den activities.
  2. Roster The master list of our membership is here. You may lookup someone's phone number or address, or send a message to your Den, your Den leaders, or an individual.
  3. Achievement Tracker Each Scout will earn "achievements" throughout the year. Some are required to earn their next level rank, and many are electives to earn additional belt-loops, pins, and badges. Whenever you work though exercises in your handbook or perform activities with the Den or Pack, you must enter them into Scoutbook to get credit for them. Many things we do can be entered for credit, but some are just for fun. Your Den Leader will advise on this.
This is our own Pack website for distributing information. It provides recent news, details about up-coming events, and lots of pictures. This is a great resource and you should take some time to peruse the site.

What badges do I earn, and how?

There are many awards a Scout can earn, to include belt loops, pins, and badges.

The main badge we work toward is our rank badge. If a Scout is currently a Tiger, it means he is working towards earning his Tiger Badge by the end of the school year. In other words, we call them by the rank they will earn by the end of the year. There are many "achievements" that must be earned and entered into Scoutbook to complete this task. They are outlined your rank specific handbook. Some are performed with the Pack, many with your Den, some at home, and some are open to any of the above.

What's most important is that you keep track of your own child's achievements and enter them into ScoutTrack as you earn them. All the other items and awards are electives that can also be earned along the way. Scouting is not a competition, and you should work on electives as best your interest and time allow.

What do parents need to do?

Our pack is 100% parent volunteer led.  One of the great things about cub scouts is that the whole family can participate in many of our activities.   There are two main areas that the parents are needed to volunteer.
  1. Den Meetings Your Den will meet once per month, and each meeting's activity or craft is run by a Scout and their parent. You will need to sign up to host at least one Den meeting during the year. Hosting a Den meeting is simply picking an activity or craft from the resource guide book, or making up your own, and bringing the supplies for this, and a snack for the kids. The host parent will probably spend around $20 for the Den meeting they host.
  2. Committees There are a number of activities that our Pack plans for the year. Each activity or event is organized by a committee. Each Den is expected to provide one parent to each committee. Your Den Leader should provide a sign-up sheet for the various committees.

What events do we need to attend?

You'll see that our ScoutTrack calendar of events if very full. There is always something fun planned. Nothing is mandatory, so you can pick the events that fit into your family's schedule, and in order of priority for earning your rank badge.

You should try to make as many as comfortably fit, but do not let this overwhelm you. Do what you can and you'll have a lot of fun. With camping in particular, it is recommended that you make at least one of the camping trips a year for the outdoor experience. Many Scouts will attend two or three.